After I got off work Tuesday, I purchased a couch and two sitting chairs for my Dad from a neighbor who is downsizing. I told her I would pick it up this weekend (not sure who I was going to get to help me because I did not have a truck).  She handed me a Business Card of a mover (“Iquan Camell with TRU MOVERS”) who helped a previous customer the week before.

WONDERFULLY QUICK and RESPONSIVE!    On my way home, I gave Iquan a call to see if he could pick up the furniture set for me this weekend.  When I told him it was in the Wakefield area, he said he had been to that area four times already that day and was heading back there THAT NIGHT to help someone else.  He said he could swing by after that appointment, pick up my set and deliver it to my Dad’s that night!  I could NOT believe it!  So awesome!

UP TO DATE WITH TECHNOLOGY!  I “Texted” Iquan pictures of what I needed moved, texted him the PICK-UP ADDRESS, DELIVERY ADDRESS and the TIME we agreed to meet.  Iquan then texted me back the price he had quoted me to do the job.  (I requested and paid a little extra for 2 movers because I did not want to injure my back.)  VERY REASONABLE AND SO WORTH IT!

TALK ABOUT SURPRISED, THRILLED, AND REFRESHING!!   I was so relieved that I could get something else marked off of my “TO DO” list!!!   So that day, I worked a full day, purchased a sofa/chair set after work, had it picked up and delivered to my Dad’s house… all complete by 7:00p.m.   I thought for sure that because I called so late in the day (5:30p.m.) it would be quitting time for Iquan.   But, I don’t think Iquan quits.  Iquan and his friend were such motivated, hard workers.   So refreshing to experience such genuine, personable, excellent customer service and positive energy!

EFFICIENT AND DRIVEN!  Iquan WANTS the work and doesn’t want to waste your time!  He and his friend arrived to my neighbor’s house BEFORE I did, and wanted to know if they could go ahead, go inside and start work!  Iquan gets the job done quickly and efficiently so he can move on to help the next customer. (Being considerate of the next, waiting customer’s time as well.)

EXCELLENT TIME MANAGER:  Knowing Iquan is cognisant of time management and aware of the business of people’s lives, is key to me repeating business with them.  My Dad is moving to an assisted living facility in a couple of months and I will definitely use Iquan to help me with this move!!

CARING, KIND PROFESSIONAL:  AND, they take special care of what they are moving.   They even helped me position all of the cushions properly after we got the couch and chairs to my Dad’s house.  So, so nice!!!  I will definitely use them again.


P.S.  Iquan is pronounced with a Long I… “Eyequan”  🙂